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    These products are combinations of components that help develop a toxic effect against weeds, as well as selectivity and affinity in crops. Among the characteristics that herbicides must possess are: Feasible dissolution in water, storage capacity, efficacy to protect crops and have a certain degree of toxicity for the vegetation area Its mission in planting is to control weeds by the reason that they fight against the plants that adhere nutrients from the good crop, which help farmers to improve the management of their resources. Regarding products for the preservation and / or protection of crops, be it herbicides, fungicides and insecticides,


    Diseases caused by fungi can cause significant losses in crop yield and quality and, in the same way, affect the useful life of plants. Fungicides aim to control fungal or fungal infections by making a eliminating effect or preventing the follow-up of damage through fungi. The application of these products must be carried out for several reasons, among which are: it corroborates with the development of the crop, reduces damage to edible parts of the crop and increases its productivity. On the other hand, we can generate a better quality in the products planted, giving a quality commercial value.


    Insect pests in crops is a problem that must be combated by means of agricultural insecticides. For the use of these substances it is very important to have knowledge of their function since using mixtures with different application modes, motivate the creation of resistance in pests. These resistances can occur due to a mismanagement of the doses, either by applying it in an excessive or minor way to what is appropriate. The proper use of insecticides will improve crop production, affecting their yield in a positive way.


    Fertilizers provide necessary substances to crops in order for them to grow properly. For the Royal Spanish Academy, when a land is fertile it is a symbol that it produces a lot, therefore, when fertilizing the crops this causes a more fertile land to be generated, which attracts an enrichment for the plantation. The benefits of using fertilizers in production of the crops, are multiple, among which are: obtaining the maximum yield from the agricultural land, does not alter the conditions of the land and also reduces the possibility that the crops show fluctuations in their PH potential, which makes them absorb properly nutrients and ensure the viability of the harvest.