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    Agrochemicals are chemicals used in agriculture in order to preserve plant crops. The use of it must be applied with caution for the reason that it can affect agricultural activities. These substances help to optimize the performance of a farm.

    Farmers often use these products to combat pests that affect crops and to help plants for faster growth. Among the most widely used agrochemicals are: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, fertilizers and nematicides.


    The application of technology in agriculture saves costs so that the necessary amounts of water, fertilizers and pesticides can be applied uniformly throughout the farm.

    In the same way, these technological advances allow to visualize in specific areas of the crops where the agrochemicals must be applied. On the other hand, saving time is one of the great benefits of digital agriculture.

    Through management software, the work of organizing paperwork is facilitated. Through a mobile device we can see all the information that is required about the plots, which will promote efficient work of the crops.

    Other benefits that we can mention of this great technology are:

    • Increase the food quality of products
    • Better control of the exploitation since we can consult data of harvests out of time.
    • Crops work more productively
    • Delegation of agricultural tasks and reduction of personnel work.
    • Decrease the environmental impact


    This distribution center was inaugurated in March 2012 in order to always provide high quality products for the protection of the country's crops so that we can get closer to the country's farmers by increasing our distribution capacity.

    The center has a large physical space of 2,000 meters of construction with conference rooms, with capacity from 25 to 200 people, a distribution center with customer support, comfortable spaces and large areas.